Why use stainless steel?

The safest material for food storage

The use of toxic chemicals in plastics that leach into our food is good reason to search for alternative materials for food storage. Stainless steel containers are made from an alloy composed of natural elements. Stainless steel is sanitary, poses no health risks, is widely used in the food industry, and will not impart peculiar tastes or smells to your food.

Clean Planetware’s Stainless Steel line uses only the highest quality, food-grade 202 stainless steel. No linings. No toxins. No BPA. No lead.

Durable for generations to come

Stainless Steel is virtually indestructible. Rigid and tough, Stainless steel is great for carrying your food on the go. Meals packed for work will stay intact when you arrive at the office, and snacks packed for the outdoors will stay fresh and odor-free. Stainless steel can be warmed in an oven or on the stove, so you can avoid using harmful microwave ovens.

And when your Stainless Steel containers return home, they are  easy-to-clean and rust resistant – meaning they will continue to look beautiful for decades to come.

100% Reusable and Recycleable

Stainless steel is one of the most recyclable materials on earth. Years from now, if you no longer need your Clean Planetware, you can place them in the recycling bin, or give them to  someone else.

Plastic containers are neither easily reusable nor biodegradable, and only a small percentage of plastic containers are ever actually recycled. Stainless Steel Containers can be refilled again and again. By making the switch to Clean Planetware, you will reduce the amount of waste entering landfills. And given the cost of disposables, you will actually save money in the long-run.

A 300-year tradition in India

In India, Stainless Steel containers and dinnerware have been used for three centuries to transport food and serve meals. Families keep sets of stainless steel wares for generations and pass on dishes and containers to their children as wedding gifts. For rural Indians, it is not uncommon to drink water from the same cup that your great great grandfather once drank from.

Our high-quality Stainless Steel is made by hand in India. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our workers are paid a fair wage in humane living and working conditions.