10" Dinner Plate - Stainless Steel (Set of 4)

10" Dinner Plate - Stainless Steel (Set of 4)

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Our Stainless Steel Dinner Plates are an investment for you and your loved ones. They are stackable, so many plates can fit in a small space. They will never break, and will still be used by your family for generations to come. Great for kids, sleek, clean, and completely dishwasher safe.


  • – 4 Stainless Steel Dinner Plates
  • – 10 inches wide (diameter)
  • – Only food grade stainless steel. No linings. No toxins. No BPA.
  • – Easy-to-clean, unbreakable, resists stains and rust, and lasts forever.
  • – Save money and add zero waste to landfills.


Highest quality 202 stainless steel


To clean your Clean Planetware, simply handwash or place in the dishwasher. Won’t stain or rust.